chris 2Christine Wheeler, MA
EFT Tapping Expert | New Hay House Author

Welcome. Thank you for landing here while you’re searching for solutions to deal with something that’s bothering you. You’ve probably heard that people who use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) often get positive results. Maybe you’ve seen a few videos and tried EFT Tapping for yourself. Like many people you likely had some good results doing EFT on your own but now you’re looking for an EFT Practitioner who can help you experience deeper levels of healing than you’ve been reaching on your own.

Here are some good reasons to connect with a coach (ME) who’s an expert in EFT Tapping:

  • You’re feeling stressed about your stress levels and worried that you’re getting sick.
  • You’re experiencing a replay of old, bothersome themes and recurring stories and don’t know how to interrupt these patterns.
  • You’re feeling discouraged by disempowering beliefs about life, money, relationships, the future.
  • You have some health concerns and physical symptoms that are distracting and upsetting.
  • You feel stuck while going through a transition and you don’t know how to tap yourself through to the other side.

This is a great time for you to get unstuck and recalibrate your energies. Please join me for coaching sessions in person in Vancouver, BC or anywhere in the world by phone or audio skype. Together we can:

  • Identify and neutralize disempowering beliefs that interfere with you being your best, authentic self.
  • Interrupt  habits of thought that lead to worry, negative thinking and personal limitations.
  • Increase your capacity to find solutions to current challenges.
  • Identify and address the cellular memories that keep old stories, themes and patterns active.
  • Find relief from general anxiety and panic and specific fears like: stage fright, fear of public speaking, acting anxiety, fear of flying.
  • Stop worrying about the future and become mindful about the delicious present.

I’ve been able to help countless people with dozens of issues and developed areas of expertise around performance like fear of public speaking, writer’s block and performance blocks for creative folks, business execs, and entrepreneurs. I am expert at doing the deep detective work to identify the roots of your fears, panic and anxiety. I also specialize in working with assorted health issues, especially people who have IBS and have helped many people at various stages of conditions and illnesses like cancer, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain.

Do you simply want to feel better? Please scoot here to email me and we can schedule a 15 minute phone consultation to see if working together is a fit.

Please visit  these websites If you are interested in my work as a Performance Coach for Actors and Folks with  Fear of Public Speaking . 

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