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Gift You Receive with the Purchase of The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls

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Calming Your Parental Worries: How to Use EFT Tapping to Be Less Stressed as a Parent
 - E-book
Parents need support in releasing their worries about their children, and about themselves as parents. I've created this exclusive tapping guide for you, to help you let go of some common worries that plague parents, and create some new, neutral habits of thought. I’m also sharing my secret exercise that all my clients who are (or were) worriers use daily to interrupt negative, worrisome thoughts and adopt more neutral and positive alternatives to worry.

Gift 2

Tapping for Anxiety for Teens
 - Audio Download
Young people who do tapping enjoy it because they respond very quickly and feel better quickly when they do tap. And parents know that tapping would likely help calm their child’s upset but often have a hard time getting their child to try tapping. Parents have been asking me for years how to get their child to use tapping. That’s why I wrote this book. But until they have the book in their hands, here’s a quick MP3 recording of seven minutes of tapping about anxiety. Your favorite teen person can load it in their MP3 player and listen and tap whenever they’re feeling a bout of anxiety pop up. Parents, you have my permission to use this as well to interrupt your own anxious feelings.

Gift 3

Tapping for Test or Exam Anxiety for Teens 
- Audio Download
Here’s an eight minute tapping audio for any young person who gets anxiety before having to write a test or exam. These basic tapping exercises will help alleviate the worry and concern about an impending test or exam and give some soothing to some of the physical symptoms associated with test anxiety. We’ll also tap on having easy recall and access to all the information they have already learned. Having this audio in your MP3 player can be your teenager’s key to a smoother experience with exams. Tap in the car on the way to school!

Gift 4

EFT Tapping Illustrations
Here’s an easy guide to help you follow the tapping points. This illustration is meant to accompany the audio downloads for those who are not yet familiar with tapping but want to benefit from tapping along with the audio.
And I’m including my Stealth Tapping Points illustration for you to still get the benefit of tapping without having to tap on the points on your face and torso. The tapping points on the fingertips are a favorite with teenage girls who can tap during exams, performances or conversations without being obvious.

Gift 5

Five Worries That Can Stifle Your Creative Voice & How To Release Them Using EFT Tapping - 
Are you a creative being at heart, but having trouble finding your voice and expressing yourself? Use this tapping guide to help you release your worries, and live your authentic creative life. I've worked with countless creative souls who share many of the same worries and concerns about expressing themselves creatively. Once you identify and tap on these worries, new vistas open for you and you can give yourself permission to write that book or screenplay, (or sing, or act, or perform) even if you worried that it, or you, wouldn’t be good enough.

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